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You Say Commune, I Say Community

Last week I intended to go on the Mosaic tone-setting camping trip, but life got in the way. (sigh) The Saturday before the trip I was having lunch at a restaurant with my husband, son, mom, sister and son’s best friend. As we were catching up, I realized my mom would be having surgery on Tuesday morning, while my sister would be driving to Charleston for the closing of a beach condo she was purchasing. My husband would be leaving Wednesday for a conference in Boston, and no one would be home to take my mom to and from the hospital, or to take care of our dogs.

I resigned myself to missing the camping trip, but knew I was making the right choice. My mom’s surgery went fine, and she has fully recovered. I was also home for my friend’s birthday, and drove her children to and from school on Thursday and watched them while she had a mani/pedi and went to dinner with her husband. I was so happy to do this so she could have a relaxing birthday.

This weekend I helped that same friend move. Their family recently downsized from a 4,000 square foot house to a 3 bedroom apartment close to the city of Charlotte, in the same complex where I live. Most people are surprised that I did something similar about a year and a half ago, but it was liberating (time-wise and financially) to not be tied to a house and yard that were much larger than my family of three needed.

Initially my friend moved her family into a fourth floor apartment in the main building of our complex, which was challenging with three young kids and two dogs. Then a couple weeks later the community manager let her know that the townhouse at the end of my row had come available. This was going to be such a better solution for her family that she make the difficult decision to move again! I am hopeful they will settle in and feel more at home in the townhouse. Not coincidentally, my mom is also living in the same complex.

It has been wonderful having family and such good friends live so close. We are able to help each other daily in multiple ways, with childcare, meals, sharing resources, and just with general support. This feels so natural in terms of community, and even though it probably wouldn’t be for everybody, it feels good for us right now.


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