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Yes to Churros!

This week the energy in my Spawn Point felt pretty low. It seemed like myself and the kids were sort of going though the motions. Last week was the Tone Setting camping trip, so perhaps many of the kids need to catch up on sleep, or are still getting used to their fall school and activity routines. I might be as well.

I spoke briefly with a pre-teen girl the week before the camping trip about churros. Somehow (I can’t recall exactly why or how.), but churros came up in our conversation. I told her that I also love churros, and that they sell them for $1 at Costco! Then I suggested that she make an offering to go (with the help of a facilitator/driver) to go get churros at Costco. Her face showed puzzlement, so I told her that she could really do this. Then I explained that (almost) anything she wants to do could be turned into an Offering, which would be scheduled during Set the Week on Monday mornings. I suggested that when we come back from the camping trip she make the churro Offering.

Well two weeks is a long time, so once the students were back in school this week, this student had apparently forgotten all about churros, so when I saw her I was all like, “Hey! Churros!” and she was like, “Yes!”, with a big smile. So we got a Post It note and Sharpie so she could write the Offering down and bring it to Set the Week. During Set the Week Nancy asked whose Offering this was, and I pointed to this student, and a day and time were decided upon.

This was an important moment because it demonstrated to this student that her interests, even an interest in eating churros, is valid, worthwhile, and could become an Offering and other students may also be interested! in fact (but perhaps not surprisingly) eight other students were interested! (The rest were on the school’s weekly hike, otherwise that number would likely have been almost twenty.)

When we were leaving Costco, another student saw an aquarium store across the parking lot, and told me how cool it is and that they have sharks! I said, “That could be an Offering! We could go check out the fish, then get churros!”.  I am hoping to empower these students to make Offerings that are meaningful to them, either because it’s something they are curious about, want to explore, or are just hungry! This ties into our belief that learning happens all the time, and learning opportunities are everywhere. Perhaps getting churros at Costco isn’t an obviously educational opportunity, but the children signed up to go, brought and counted their own money, ordered their churro from the cashier, etc., but were mostly empowered with the knowledge that this is their school and there is power in that.

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