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ALF Summer 2017

We are at the end of our 8th full day of ALF Summer and will jump into Mosaic summer camp next week. It was my intention over the past week and a half to try to find a balance between helping to keep the physical space tidy, and attend and lead offerings. I have enjoyed caring for the school and our visitors. It has felt like we have invited these individuals into our home and pulled back the curtain on how our ALC community operates. I have enjoyed seeing familiar people who are currently running and working at ALC’s, and meeting new people who are somewhere on the path to investigating ALC’s or considering opening one.

I was curious to see how we would do as a staff in terms of running our own ALF Summer, but feel really good about the way everyone has risen to the challenge. I also feel good about the offerings that I have made which pertain to some of the hands on aspects of ALF’ing. I enjoy being in conversation with others who are doing this work, and found that offering conversations where I could share my experiences (both positive and negative), and hear about other’s experiences and perspectives has felt really good. We often check in with the other facilitators during the school year, but having this time to really dig in with other facilitators has been helpful.

I am in awe and admiration of the folks here at ALF Summer who have started schools, or are contemplating starting one. This is an enormous undertaking and I am sure it feels overwhelming and daunting, but I am so grateful that they have the courage to help spread the idea of self directed education to more children and families.


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