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First Week Facilitator Musings…

Whew it’s Friday on my first (short) week of being a totally legit facilitator and I LOVE it! I am so grateful to everyone for this opportunity to exercise and flex my “teacher muscles”, but in a way that I have always dreamed of, which is in respectful collaboration and partnership with other adults and kids.

Facilitating Spawn Point has felt natural and comfortable. I was worried about how this would go as I become more comfortable using the agile tools and practices. I have appreciated the feedback and input of both Rochelle and Charlotte as I move into this new role. I feel more clarity on my own part, from the other facilitators and kids surrounding what my place is at school, and this feels good. Previously I have felt a sort of wariness on the part of the kids, (which would be completely understandable) as they try to figure out who I am and what my role has been. ALTHOUGH it is entirely possible this wariness was completely imagined on my part, and I may have been projecting my own feelings onto the kids as I felt unsure.

I am working towards developing closer more trusting relationships with the kids in my Spawn (and beyond), and can sense they are trying to figure me out. I am hoping that they learn to trust one another (and me) as the weeks go on and begin to open up and feel comfortable sharing. We have used connection games and feelings check-ins. I am still working toward utilizing the Game Shifting board in a way that that feels natural and helpful.

Finally, I have been so interested in how the older kids can begin to move into roles where they are facilitating and coherence holding, and using the agile tools without adult intervention (but support when needed). I am so excited to see how this impacts their feelings of responsibility in terms of creating the type of school they want and need.


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