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The No New Clothes for a Year Challenge

This past week I started pondering how much    I could save if I challenged myself to go without clothes shopping for an entire  (year). There were a couple of events that precipitated this idea.

The first event was the election of President-Elect Trump (Oh how it hurts me to write that…).     My husband and I were talking the morning after the election about the feasibility of leaving the US for the next four years and immigrating to a country where  and universal    are plentiful. He was fairly sure that finding a position as an  in another country would be difficult. There would be many many hoops to jump through, and he has already taken (and passed) the bar exam in three states, and not one was pleasant (CA, NY, NC). This caused me to start thinking of how dependent we are, as a family, on my husband’s continued employment as an attorney. I would like to ultimately be in a financial position where we could pick and leave if need be.

I started thinking about the things I spend our family’s  on, such as clothing, eating out, entertainment, groceries and , and where I could stand to cut back. Since my husband already commutes via  to work, rarely shops for clothing or eats out on his own, it would really be up to me to cut back. Clothing purchases are a low hanging fruit. I currently have a closet full of clothes, and no one (who matters) in my life would ever judge me based on my wardrobe. I have plenty of warm clothes for the upcoming winter months.

The second event occurred this weekend as I went through the bins with my family’s winter clothes, and was shocked by the quantity of clothing there. My son probably has enough clothing for three boys and I won’t need to shop for him. (The exception is shoes, because his feet are growing.)

The most difficult thing about the challenge will be replacing my clothes shopping hobby with other activities. I’m hoping the new activities will be more active and take me outside. I will be curious to see how much    I am able to save in the next   . Something tells me it will be a lot! 


  1. Jackson says:

    That’s awesome. It’s going pretty well for me so far, although I did make one final purchase of a pair of boots for the winter. I have also been looking at where I have excess in my wardrobe and giving those things to people at school. 😉

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