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Over the Thanksgiving break I accomplished a couple of goals. The first was to finally make a decision about our family vacation this spring. We know we want to go back to Europe, but weren’t sure if we should go back to Ireland, Scotland or England and really dig in, or go to some new countries. Ultimately we decided to start in Berlin and after a week there, we will take the train to Prague. We have friends who live in Berlin, and hopefully they will continue to Prague with us. I look forward to learning more about these cities in the next few months and deciding on things we want to do and see while we’re there.

The other goal was to start really in earnest only using my bike for trips within five miles. My son had a yearly cardiology appointment during the break, and even though it was a bitter cold morning, and I was worried we’d freeze, we bundled up and rode to the appointment. Everyone at the office was impressed that my son rode his bike to his cardiology appointment! It was about three and a half miles away, and once we started riding, we weren’t cold at all. Then we rode home after. The next day we rode about two and a half miles on a busier street to pick up a pain medication from the veterinarian for our thirteen year old dachshund, Rudy. The next day we rode back to the cardiology office for an appointment with my son’s nutritionist. We have consistently been riding to and from school, and so far I have put almost sixty-five miles on my Yuba bike. My car sits for multiple days in a row not being driven, and I haven’t put gas in it for almost three weeks! (And it still has half a tank!) I was looking forward to when riding my bike for errands and appointments will feel “routine”, and I feel like I’m almost there. Taking the Cycling Savvy class helped me feel confident enough to ride on the street safely, especially with my son next to me on his bike. I am grateful to Charlotte and Nancy for recommending it, my son, my mom, Liberty, Jackson and Caleb for taking it with me, and Pam for teaching it. I am also grateful for my husband for pushing me to splurge on an E-bike. It makes riding so enjoyable and effortless, and the hills I will have to climb are no longer an impediment.

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